West End | 25 Blomerth St, Apt 2


3 beds

1 bath

Unit features
  • No pets

  • Available from Apr 1st 2023

  • In-unit laundry

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  1. Listing officeHelix Real Estate

  2. Listing agentSara Segal

  3. MLS PIN73083317

This unique house is situated on a hill in a rocky landscape, with views toward the South and West. You can see the Boston skyline in the winter. It gets great light, especially in winter. In the summer it is shaded by deep eaves and lots of trees. The backyard leads onto several acres of private but undeveloped rocky woodsy land. Whithin 5 minutes from the house you will get to the entrance to the Middlesex Fells reservation, a huge beautiful nature reserve. It is quiet. There is a small apartment on the lower level with one tenant. The Orange line (subway) is about a mile away, at Oak Grove or Malden Center. There are 2 ac units available. The heat is radiant baseboard and is quiet and efficient.Tenants will reimburse owners monthly for cost of utilities: Gas and electric. Fast fiber internet is included, as well as water.Start date may be flexible - 4/15 is possible. The apartment is partially furnished - indicated on photos.

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